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PLan sniff cho7 between Oskar GM And Martin MAZZA

We are still in the cruising bar of the ATTACK BAR in Madrid, a well known bar for having hot guys who like fetish. In the HARD space we caught the sexy MARTIN MAZZA getting snorted CHO7 by a good submissive, Oskar GM. The lope loves to be at the disposal of real hairy and muscular males. Good puff of Sox, before getting his guy ass juiced.

Max LAVA fucked by Romantik at the BEFORE Sauna in NANTES

We have just arrived at the BEFORE Sauna of NANTES with Tommy and Romantik where the small passive MAX LAVA is available in the DONJON BDSM space of the BEFORE Sauna of Nantes. After being fucked by Jess and Tommy, MAX offers his already well lubricated and fertilized hole to ROMANTIK for his last dose (the 3rd), at least he will be well armed against the COVID

Enzo RIMENEZ beaten by Tiago DA SILVA

On a weekend trip to Madrid, the beautiful ENZO RIMENEZ discovers this magnificent place that is the BoyBerry Madrid... Two bogosses are there very hot and Enzo is going to dredge them directly. he is going to suck them one after the other, then suck them and one by one, the two young muscular guys are going to cream his ass at the bar. Awesome!! ENzo still as beautiful and sexy with all these years passing... And even hotter

19 year old transgender boy fucked by scum in orgy

The ATLANTIDE Sauna really has some amazing surprises in store for us! ! We had just arrived when the beautiful ANNA asks us to quickly go to the backroom fuck area. GO ! And there, too hard, we meet the beautiful KATTIA, a young trans woman with a big cock, being fucked by a beautiful straight black man and a lot of guys from the city were jerking off around them while watching them... Too fucking good. All this ended in orgy

Marco RUSH fucked by the shy young BORT

We are at the NAKED BAR in MADRID to film some very hot bogies... That day, our buddy Marco RUSH introduces us a shy young guy, the sexy BORT, active and passive, 23 years old from MAdrid with a huge cock... Very shy for his first time, very quickly when Marco sucks him, he has the direct bar and will love to fuck the little ball of the submissive... for our greatest pleasure, and your lol...

Young gay man fucked bareback by a 20 year old straight latino man

Young gay man fucked bareback by a 20 year old straight latino man

The beautiful trans Fiorella MUTTI well fucked by Miquel DUQUE

Our sexy hetero curious MIQUEL DUQUE is back and he presents us a super sexy transgender, Fiorelle MUTTI, with big tits, a good ass and a big cock. Our straight guy will love it and will even let himself be done ;o)

MAVAS is fucked by ALTON RED's big tail.

After the Boyberry, here we are at the ATTACK CRUISING where the sexy Rafa MARCO is waiting for us. As soon as we arrive, we're told to hurry up because two bogies have already started to have fun in the backroom. We have a date with the submissive MAVAS and a bisexual guy with a huge cock, named ALTON RED.... What a show ! ! The passive is well submissive to the huge dick of his master, a handsome manly bearded guy and TBM... We're going to enjoy ourselves ! Action !

Romantik fucked by Tommy's big cock, military bisexual

We have just arrived at the Sauna BEFORE in NANTES and it's Thursday! Thursday it's TTC, that is to say all tendencies confused, straight, transvestites, bisex, gay and chicks mix. Romantik starts to flirt with TOMMY, a sexy bisexual soldier who was rather in woman hunting mode. But he's still going to accept to let himself suck his dick in the libertine space, in a room that is really too good.... And as he gets hotter and hotter, you can guess what happens next, Romantik gets his ass broken by our sexy military man with a body and a cock like no other

MAVAS Is fucked by Pablo HIERRO at ' ATTACK bar Madrid

We've been at the cruising ATTACK DE MADRID for 3 hours and frankly we're having a lot of fun filming very hot bogies... Here we present MAVAS, a good submissive from Madrid who proposes to PABLO HIERRO to fill it up quickly in the backroom of the club.... Mangnifies all the juice that comes out of his ass at the end..... We're getting more

NIko DELUCA fucked by XOAN for his porn casting

What a pleasure to welcome a new guy, here is XOAN, active man with a beard but a good sucker. He will be casted by Niko DE LUKAS.... and a guy with a balaclava who arrives by surprise lol Good improvised trio, good bareback fuck

Hidden camera, max LAVA fucked by a straight military at the Before sauna in Nantes

With this hidden camera, assist to the crunchboy porn shooting, in exih, on the terrace of the BEFORE sauna of NANTES, with the young MAX LAVA who is getting his ass filled in scred by a young military straight but very open